Traveling to Quepos Costa Rica


When traveling to Quepos, Costa Rica, you have three main options.  They each vary in time and cost.  To choose the right now, please read the information below.


Flights to Quepos, From the San Jose Airport.   There are several companies that provide affordable flights from the Airport in San Jose, to the Quepos Airport.   The time it takes to get here, is around 20 to 25 minutes.   These options is obviously the quickest way to arrive here in Quepos.  We can help you arrange your flight from San Jose Airport to the Quepos Airport.


Traveling in our 15 passenger Air Conditioned Van.  When you travel to Costa Rica from the United States or from anywhere else in the World, you are likely to arrive at the Juan Santa Maria Airport, which is the main airport in San Jose, the Capital City of Costa Rica.  The time it takes to drive from San Jose to Quepos is roughly 2 hours and 45 minutes, depending on the traffic.   We can arrange for our van to pick you up at the San Jose Airport.  Just let us know when you are coming as well as the flight information.


Getting a Rental Car to drive in Costa Rica.   It is no secret that the roads here in Costa Rica are not the best in the world.  It is truly an adventure to drive with a rental car here in Costa Rica.  Not that we don’t recommend it, but for those who are thinking about it, please bring a GPS so you can avoid getting lost, as streets don’t have names and numbers as you may find in other countries.  We can assist you with getting a Rental Car.   Rental Car Companies here in Costa Rica offer a wide variety of options, so it is just a matter of picking the car that best suits your needs.   A 4×4 vehicle is always a good recommendation for driving in Costa Rica.