Manuel Antonio Inshore Fishing Charters Quepos, Costa Rica

Book your Manuel Antonio Inshore Fishing Charter in Quepos, Costa Rica with the Reel In Fishing Team and enjoy a fun day of inshore fishing. We work very hard to ensure you have a productive day of Inshore Fishing in Quepos Costa Rica. 

The inshore fishing charters are done using live bait and you will be fishing near the shores of Manuel Antonio, some times heading near the inshore waters of Savegre or Parrita. 

Both of our Luxury Fishing Yachts are Fully Equipped to fish inshore.   The inshore fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica has been famous for many years and it is a highly recommended fishing trip for all types of groups, wether novice or avid.  

The inshore fishing is done near shore, close to the mouths of several rivers in Quepos, Costa Rica.  We use live bait for the various inshore fishing charters, such as the half day inshore, 3/4 day inshore and full day inshore fishing charter.  When you fish inshore, there is no trolling, so this is why you need the live bait to do the work of calling the attention of the inshore species like the Rooster Fish, Jack Crevalle and Spanish Mackerel to name a few. What can be better than doing some inshore fishing in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica with your friends and family?  

Book your inshore fishing charter in Quepos, Costa Rica with Reel In Fishing and experience some of the best inshore fishing that Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica has to offer. 

Enjoy a great day of inshore fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica.

Inshore Fishing Charters Quepos Costa Rica

Inshore Fishing Charters Quepos Costa Rica

Inshore Fishing in Quepos Manuel Antonio Costa Rica is a great fishing adventure for those anglers looking to catch species such as Rooster Fish, Grouper, Spanish Mackerel, Red Snapper, and Snook.  Inshore Fishing is done close to the  Manuel Antonio National Park.  Inshore Fishing is a great activity for anyone who is visiting Quepos Manuel Antonio Costa Rica and is looking for an exciting adventure.


While Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica is most famous for its amazing Big Game Fishing, don’t discount the fun of Inshore fishing. Of course, everyone wants to experience the thrill of reeling in a huge billfish, and if you’ve never done it, Quepos, Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world to do it.

Inshore Charters Quepos, Costa Rica.

eric red snapper

Inshore Fishing Manuel Antonio Quepos Costa Rica

Unlike the catch and release fishing for sailfish, and marlin, there are many species, closer inshore, which are not only fun to catch, but delicious eating. We call like to call it “fillet & release”.  There are mackerel, grouper, true red snapper, and even Mahi Mahi, close Inshore. Snook is a real treat, and they put up a tremendous fight, that will challenge the best of anglers. And talk about good eating; snook is one of the tastiest fish in the world. Robalo is the Spanish name for snook, and they’re found near the river mouths.

Half Day Inshore Fishing Quepos, Costa Rica.


Inshore Fishing Quepos Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

If you’re staying in a Manuel Antonio, or Quepos condo or villa, you’ll enjoy a seafood feast, of your own catch. If not, most restaurants are happy to prepare it for you. In any case, our crew will fillet your fish, so it will be ready for the grill or the oven. There is nothing quite like really fresh fish, especially when you have caught it yourself.

Inshore Fishing is great for Families visiting Manuel Antonio

Inshore Fishing Manuel Antonio Quepos Costa Rica

Inshore Fishing Manuel Antonio Quepos Costa Rica


There are also a several species, which while not good eating, are a lot of fun to catch. Rooster fish, or “Pez Gallo” puts up a terrific fight, and are plentiful around the Quepos, Manuel Antonio coast line.

“Reeling In a Rooster Fish during an inshore charter

Inshore Fishing Quepos Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Inshore Fishing Quepos Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

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